Who we are

We are passionate people who are gathered to benefit our clients. Since, our inception we have focused on satisfying our clients and not just billing them.

Where we are

We are where you want us to be. Our services are 100% remote and we can get things done where you will never need to give us a desk space.

How it starts

In a basement computer desk just outside Chicagoland area. But this was a start to a never end.



We can help incorporate your business in a way that is most compliant and a structure that will save you tax and keep your assets protected.


Not just books, we prepare you for your annual filings that is individual and corporate tax. For all our monthly bookkeeping clients, we prepare taxes and give them an all inclusive package. Call us now to Inquire.


Our group of experts help entrepreneurs with business, financial consulting on a monthly basis so they can take the decisions needed to grow the business. Consulting is a big word and we make sure to provide the best meaning to it.

Monthly Bookkeeping

We worry about your business books while you go and hit a home run. Our professionals work on preparing your financial statements, monthly analysis and reconciliations so you never have to worry about it!

CFO & Controller Services

Businesses not only need a monthly financials or bookkeeping service but they also require an inside support and that’s where we come in…providing CFO and Controller services which can help you with your books but also process and planning to grow the organization in different aspects.


They've been absolutely brilliant for me. Found the service to be very good.they have been fantastic at helping me for my bookkeeping Service.Much appreciated. .
Adam Sendler
I can absolutely recommend Premium Tax accounting - I've been with them for several months after switching from my previous accounting company. And I am very happy with their services. Thanks
Mila Kunis
During my twenty years as an IT contractor I've had three different accountants. I finally ended up with Gorilla and they have been head and shoulders above the previous two. Recommeded
Mike Sendler